Venango Serves Mold Builders with 钻井, 磨, and Material Sourcing 功能

wecreate / March 30, 2023
Venango Serves Mold Builders with 钻井, 磨, and Material Sourcing 功能

The 加工 功能 at Venango Can Take Preliminary Molding Work Off Your Plate

Are you a mold builder that is skilled in completing high tolerance jobs and would prefer to avoid the challenges of material sourcing, , gun钻ing, and other preliminary work? 如果是这样的话, join the team at 澳门金沙网站安卓版 and complete this important preliminary work and set the table for your tight tolerance molding work. We boast expansive capabilities at our Wattsburg, PA facility including Blanchard and Supertec 磨 machines, multi-axis CNC gun钻ing machines, and a talented team that is skilled in putting this equipment to effective use.


Venango’s Experience and Equipment Allow us to Offer Wide Ranging Molding 服务

When you contract Venango to make your mold building work simpler, you can take advantage of our equipment, 流程, and the wealth of experience we have accumulated across our 65+ years in business. Mold builders like you have sought out Venango to complete work ranging from purchasing materials, 磨, 起重孔, 还有更多. While we will describe these capabilities in greater detail below, it is important to mention how broad our capabilities are and how much work they can take off your plate. As a skilled mold builder, we know how much you can benefit from focusing only on the tight tolerance work your customers seek you out for. This understanding has helped us to develop our offering to ensure it is as valuable to mold builders who contract us for 磨 and 钻ing work. 


Contract Us for Blanchard and Surface 磨 

Take advantage of Venango’s Blanchard and precision 磨 capabilities to begin your molding work with parts that are ground to size. By contracting our team, you can begin your work with materials that are ready for the tight tolerance work your mold building shop specializes in. Our Blanchard grinders can work with large materials thanks to their 72” rotary table, 84年“摇摆, and 22” heigh capacity. In addition to our Blanchard 磨 capabilities, we maintain a precision Supertec horizontal surface grinder, which can grind substrates up to 40” wide, 118” long, and 22” in height. With this state-of-the-art equipment and our ability to grind 6 sides, ensuring your material arrives promptly and in the exact size you need is always guaranteed.


钻井 功能 at Venango Include Lifting Holes, Gun钻ing Channels, and 更多的

Not only do we specialize in both Blanchard and precision 磨, but Venango also boasts 50 years of experience handling a wide variety of 钻ing jobs. Our capabilities include gun钻ing, for which we use a 6-axis 钻ing and machining center. We can also machine lift holes and rough machine the pocket work.


磨 and 钻井 a Diverse Selection of Materials that Can Be Sourced to Serve Your Needs

There is no set material that works best for every  mold design.   加工 lift holes, tapping channels, roughing pockets, and machining other precision 钻ing tasks that your mold building jobs may require, has led our team to develop expertise both working with and sourcing a diverse array of metals. Examples of the metals we can grind, 钻, and source include aluminum, 碳钢, stainless steel alloys, 铜和更多. Our Blanchard and surface 磨 equipment is perfectly suited to machining these metals to meet the flatness and parallelism your customers’ drawings call for. We understand the tight tolerance work that mold builders perform and ensure the ground and/or 钻ed materials we deliver will provide you with the best possible foundation on which to build.

We welcome the opportunity to quote your next job and complete it promptly to begin making your work as a mold builder simpler.



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